...In the begining


In the beginning there was a forest,
a fall, a man and a dream.

This place was truly beautiful but in need of tender loving care.  Although Eas-mor was only 1-2 kilometres from the village of Kildonan, the waterfall and the forest surrounding it were so inaccessible that many never even knew of its existence.

I, with others of a like mind, would return from time to time and start the long hard process of healing the forest.  We would crawl into the depths of it- and it is from there that the healing began.  In the entire 40-acre forest it was the only spot you could stand up in and the place where we situated “Base Camp”.  Over the years, we have thinned the forest and let the light touch the forest floor for the first time in many many years.  Good nights were enjoyed around the fire at Base Camp with our hard work giving us heat, light and talk around the fire of the possibilities for Eas-mor.

More than 15 years later Eas-mor was still elusive to many and as the millennium approached, I decided that Eas-mor should be accessible to all by showing what a beautiful and special place it is.  This was in 1998 and with part funding from Millennium Forest for Scotland and with a core group of eight, set about undertaking the mammoth task of building a path for all abilities around the waterfall.  This would end up at an eco friendly library in the heart of the forest. The magnitude of this prospect was awesome, but with limited budget and a total belief in each other, we completed this in May 2000.  The work never stops and everyday since then something is done towards fulfilling the Eas-mor dream.  

       Always believe in the dream… and what a beautiful dream it is!   

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